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  1. Bro I'm still struggling on Letho !! I've tried what you said but the guy hardly ever leaves Quen!! And when he does I'm forced to dodge his fucking bombs and then he enters Quen again !!

    I don't get it bro !! I'm playing on easy just for him and am still fucking dieing, did you defeat him on normal?
  2. Sweet bro, so it's worth it then? Have you tried the MP yet?

    Good to hear about the customization! Now I'm thinking... Should I get it...
  3. Played a bit of brink now, I actually rather enjoy it. I can see why people complain about the AI, but it doesn't bother me too much even though it makes things a bit difficult. I like the fact that you have to stick with the team, you don't last long as a lone wolf, and the fact that you only certain classes can complete certain objectives. I think it's awesome to switch between classes the whole time, keeps things interesting. Ans the customisation is brilliant, there is really a shitload of different options.
  4. Sweet bro, tell me how it is !
  5. Hahahaha!!

    Yeah bud, I'll definitely help. I still plan on continuing our game sometime. It's just gonna be hard with everybody playing Witcher now. I went to trade some old games and got Brink, about to start playing. Will only check out MP tonight, wanna see if the SP is really as bad as people say it is and level up my character a bit.
  6. Hahahahahahahaha!!! I actually mean't "play" not "plat" does that mean I'm a trophy wh0re? When I can't even think of a game without platting it !

    Bro this talking of Platting games, do you think you could help me with 2 trophies in Borderlands? I just need to win a duel without taking damage and defeat a boss then I have plat .
  7. Yeah, I also struggled a long ass damn time to get up there, got really pissed off but I managed to do it eventually.

    LOL, I don't think I'll ever have another plat. The shit you have to do for most games is just too tedious. The only reason I have Borderlands plat is because I really love the game and it was pretty easy to get with my multiple playthroughs. That's part of the reason why I want Brink, it reminds me of Borderlands a lot.
  8. Thanks bro!! The funny thing is I tried going up that left side but the tentacle always hit me so I thought I wasn't meant to go that way... Guess I've got to practice my dodging !

    Thanks mate!!

    Well if you can borrow L.A. Noire from your pal then no worries! Then get brink, at least you'll be able to plat both then !
  9. The Kayran:

    I also struggled a long time with this fucking boss. After you cut off all his tentacles you have to go towards the left side of the level. There will be a collapsed structure (it is lying at an angle) that you can walk on to. All you have to do is dodge the reamining two tentacles that keep lashing out at you while making your way to the top of the sructure. Once there, there will be like a cutscene where Geralt throws a bomb or something into the creature's mouth or whatever and it will explode and die.
  10. Yeah I'm aware of Brink's issues but I still really want to try it for myself, I pre-ordered it like August last year already. I just love the customisation and art style too much to not give it a shot. The thing about LA Noire is that I'm not really in the mood for that kind of game. Also a friend of mine is getting it next week, so I can just borrow his copy when I feel like playing it. I know I'm taking a chance with Brink here, but it can't be worse than that horrible Sniper shit I bought a liitle while back.
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