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  1. Yeah I saw that. It is an impressive device outside of the gaming world. Would like to see it being used as effectively inside though.
  2. Oh that's pretty cool. I was actually reading this article earlier today as well
  3. Oh okay. The reason that I ask is because these students in an environment-friendly house building challenge use Kinect to control the electrical appliances and lighting based on human movement and gestures, which I thought you would enjoy.
  4. Na, don't really buy magazines much at all, although Popular Mechanics is usually a good read.
  5. Hehehehe Spam on ALL THE WALLS!
    It seems to be the case. Do you get the Popular Mechanics?
  6. LOL, yea dude, I think you're about the only one putting messages on my wall
  7. Good thanks, very busy (work; exams). Jeez this wall of yours lot like me?
  8. Hey dude. Doing good thanks. Feckin busy at work at the mo though. How you doing?
  9. Hey matt! I have the weirdest inclination to call you mattewis.
    You doing okay?
  10. Yeah he seems to know what is happening...

    Would like to know what he reckons about my issue with the Xbox...stuck in an infinite update loop
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