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  1. Hey McT, you don't seem that active here anymore. I know that one stage you were annoyed by an article about alcohol and stuff. Is everything alright?
  2. The link is here:

    Come join my Ram Slam T20 prediction game on SuperBru! It's free and loads of fun. Just click here:
    Pool name: MyGaming
    Pool code: igludine
  3. It was superb entertainment and so much heart from the Boks. it was amazing to see that different skills and fitness required for the different games. A great spectacle all round!
  4. I created a thread for Superbru.

    I'm not going to join the T20 one but can I get the invitation link for it and then I'll add it to the thread?

    Did you watch the Proteas vs the Springboks yesterday? Was great! Really enjoyed it.
  5. Thank you, squire!
  6. Oi MCT, just a heads up: You've got Stasis misspelled in your signature.
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