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  1. Hahaha, I'd completely forgotten about it. Scribbled about 300 words of my initial impressions but got a bit boozed for the proceeding two weeks and wrote no further.

    Will bang it out this week.
  2. Oi, I just remembered. Whats happening with the Saw review?
  3. No worries man. I moderate silently from the shadows

    Played around half an hour of Uncharted last night, sadly I had to abandon it to finish some graft. Hopefully this week is kind to me and I can get some more hours in. The visuals are un-freaking-believable though, wow.
  4. Thanks for sticking the link in there dude

    You playing Uncharted 2 yet?
  5. Flat out, dude. It'll reach you by tomorrow.
  6. Now write something for me
  7. Nicely handled
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