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  1. I must have gotten in before the change was made or something
  2. As for the Sig Pic. I tried that as i have both a pic and a Xfire one. But it said im only allowed 1 pic in my sig.
  3. They are usually fast in replying, but by Murphy's Law! Oh well.

  4. Oh Ok. You should have let me get u the DVD. Oh well. Yeah im sure catching up will be easy. As we are only going to play like once or twice a week. Feel free to join the Guild on Xfire so long. That way you stay in the loop.
  5. Hellos, I'm just waiting for a reply from Do Gaming regarding hosting it. It will take a few days until I can join up still, though. But don't worry about getting ahead of me. Catching up will be a non-issue

    To get the code for your Xfire signature, go to the Xfire homepage, log in and scroll right down to the bottom of the page. You'll see "Miniprofile: Display your miniprofile on any web page!"

    My Xbox signature I got from Just register and they'll have a signature creator.
  6. Dude how do u get ur xfire profile and game card in ur sig? And have u gotten hold of DDO? Me, Blaze and Dracon are going to do a dungeon crawl tonight. WOuld be cool to have another spell caster.
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