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  1. yo sweep did u see parton sergi's stats?
  2. I would,but my friends list is full O.o

    It sucks but u can only have 20 friends on the list
  3. Well, add the SS guys as friends. Good bunch of fools.
  4. Pta :d

  5. Basically just clan okes, but only place for abt ten guys. Where u live?
  6. How big are your lans?

    Or is it just the clan
  7. Hahahaha! We aim to please! Where you based? You should join us at a LAN sometime. We get together and have an internet LAN every 2 months or so.
  8. Dude,I hate your clan O.o

    U guys and the DF bastids raped me so hard,my k/d was 13/12 ffs :"(

    Im so sad atm
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