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  1. Lol dude, very friendly.....just yanking your chain
  2. But I ARE friendly

  3. Thanks man, Faffa made it for me
  4. Sky, nice new sig!
  5. Hahahaha!! Yeah, poor Murph, she can't draw that well but I still think it's cute! xD
  6. Did your 3 month old niece draw your avatar
  7. Yes! I did hey, last week Tuesday I got it
  8. Hey dude, did you get your G35 headset.
  9. The lag was ridiculous last night, couldn't get 5 mins of decent playtime in ... ffs, I got so frustrated hey..
  10. I think he thought that I was dissing him in my post....that's why he/she has been quiet ever since. I saw you on BO last night, was the lag bad again?
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