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  1. Lurker. Reply to TK post dammit!
  2. Ah thats not cool
  3. My Phone is having issues connecting today. Good thing maybe as i have a kak load of work to finish.
  4. lvl 16 ftw.
  5. Or the blog can be called For the herd
  6. And I call the Blog "For the Herd"?

    Or we call it Defenders of the Herd? then the blog could be, "Exploits of the Defenders of the Herd" or something.
  7. I'm thinking and bare with me... we roll Taurens and make a tiny guild just the 3 of us called "For the Herd"
  8. Level 15 yet?
  9. Ah, yeah today has been rather crazy... I'm out of breath from running around non-stop dealing with problems
  10. Kak day is kak. No staff. Nervours brake down.
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