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  1. I got to rank 2 on BF3 the weekend.
    I must say, for a city building sim, it's pretty lame.
  2. Hahaha dude :P
  3. Lol budget throne
  4. Are you kidding me bru?! You looked like a fuckin' Persian throne heir! LOL
  5. Soon. Soon my friend.


    Also, did it look like I was made out of fcking money last you saw me?
  6. Well then get a new PC man! Jassas bru! xD
  7. I drove on a tank, not in it yet. I was too drunk and couldn't find one.
    Anyway.. my PC wouldn't a damn be able to handle it properly.
  8. LoL At least you get to drive a TANK in this game! :P

    Sux should have got it for PC...
  9. Well one thing is for sure: the drift mechanic on the trucks is totally broken :P I like the bits when you get out and shoot though.
    And yes, Xbox . I'm sorry.
  10. Oh are such a nub duder, I'm at a loss for words xD

    On console I presume? If "yes" =
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