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  1. It appears to be sorted already
  2. I did some research on my nickname, which I should've done before using as a nick; turns out Saintinists are people who worship other people (had no idea, was just meant to be ironic). Thought it would just be a cool nickname to have. But, it goes against my religion to be associated with such people (people worshiping other people). I know I said the last time was my last time, but this is serious.

    Can I PLEASE have my nickname changed to [H]agan

    Which is my real name. I'm sorry for this.

  3. No worries man, I'll have it sorted out.
  4. Not sure how often I can change my nickname here on MyGaming, but "Saint of Chernobyl" is too long.

    I'd like to change it (GENUINELY) for the LAST TIME.
    I'd like to change it to Saintinist

    Much appreciated!
  5. Cool, I'll have James change it for you.
  6. Hi there, if possible, can I change my nickname to Saint Of Chernobyl
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