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  1. Sorry to hear dude. Hope it get better.
  2. Howzit dude,

    Sorry for the late reply dude, Tapatalk doesn't let me view my wall.

    I've actually been kak busy this year hey. What started off as a simple move turned into such a cock-up!
    So yeah, a year later and only now getting back online again...
  3. Where the hell have you been hiding?
  4. Howzit bro,

    I haven't seen you post in ages, how you been mate?
  5. Never mind, you answered it
  6. Thanks, asked one more question
  7. Replied to your comment on the blog.
  8. Sweet bro!

    I wish you all the luck for the future !
  9. I want to become a game designer.
  10. I see mate, and I can't blame you for wanting to ditch this place. I applied for a course in web design at a "respectable" company but was passed up because I wasn't black ! So now I'm screwed for another year because all the other universities/companies have all started their courses. So yeah...

    What sort of development are looking to branch into?
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