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  1. Yeah will do.
  2. Ah Ok. Well let me know when you do get it.
  3. Hey dude. It would be very unwise right before my exams hehehehe.
    I am planning on getting it, but not right away. Before Watchmen and Avengers vs X-Men + rAge is sapping ALL the funding.
  4. Dude are you getting Borderlands 2?
  5. I have noticed this myself. Internet kids are pussies. One wrong word and they are on you like a rash.
  6. With some people around here seem to get their panties in a twist at the slightest thing so Id rather play it safe. I do miss being snarky though. :/
  7. Don't worry man, I don't take it as snarky.
  8. Just to clear up I wasn't trying to be Snarky or anything, its just the mods dont always check all the threads again once they start them so posting in the thread that the link doesn't work could easily be missed.
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