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  1. Sorry for me 'hibernating' on here... haha

    So I stalked the moddb page and couldn't find anything from you :P

    Also you've seen my post on gsc forums, what are your thoughts on those ideas?
  2. yes, we do everything in SDK so I had to learn it. Dez taught me and yes its quite user friendly. There are a few tricks of the trade you need to know, but on the whole a hell of a lot easier than messing with acdc etc. in fact once youve used it for five months like myself, you will never look back.

    BTW check out our page on moddb, I said HI
  3. Well I've been following it almost since it's start so I'm completely convinced it is going to be epic. So you know how to use the SDK then? How user friendly is it?
  4. storyline is damn near 50% complete. I just started a new level tonight, which had part of the alife already on the map, so just to add storyline and dialogs and tasks etc and should be another level finished in about a week
  5. I'm convinced it is going to be awesome! I've been following the mod for about 3 years now. How far is development with implementing the story so far?
  6. I`m adding alife and storyline to levels along with the configs and scripts. Pretty much I get given a level and do everything to it that needs doing.
    Theres no way of proving it I guess, and well its not nescesary, I didnt register here to brag about what I do, just making people aware of the upcoming mod is all.
    Just be prepared for it its going to be AWESOME
  7. I wish you could prove it to me. But rather then doing that, what exactly are you doing at the time with dezowave?
  8. yep indeed
  9. You really part of dezowave's team?
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