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  1. lol. That is what I call luck

    I don't mind that she has no female friends but its her bf that I think needs some "guy" time

    Lol soz for bothering you
  2. lol.

    But jeeze the both of them have been nagging me to get a gf so his gf has a female friend. She has no female friends. And her bf and I are her only friends. We don't even know where to look to get a friend for her. lol.
  3. LoL @ the boys being dragged around a gaming shop by the girls

    Well I hope you like it T
  4. That sucks but my friends gf also wants to browse the place.
    Kinda get dragged around with them lol.
  5. This will be the first time that you have been there? - I'm afraid that I wont be there tomorrow

    i'd phone in first just to make sure that we have what you want
  6. So moody I am off to your shop tomorrow. My friends gf wants to buy a wow hoody.
  7. Hey moods. Just want to say my friends said bonny(thats her name? soz if it is not) Was very friendly

    Deff going to get my games from you from now on.
  8. mmm that sucks

    Such a pity.
  9. Darth mod. Its good. The archers are not overpowered anymore.

    But kinda nerfs the trade income. But increases the income from provinces. And I think we should have a small meet and greet. Go for drinks or something.
  10. Hey moody. My buddies are picking up mk.
    They thought they would not have enough time to pick me up so I can't check out your store

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