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  1. No transport. :-/ You will be closed by the time my friend comes home from work

    But it is fine. Shogun 2 is getting intense My family heads keep on dying. lol.
  2. Moody you break my heart Looks like I have to wait one more day.

    Will pick up mk tomorrow. But alas it is not your guys fault. I suspect you guys got a lot of nerd rage today
  3. Thanks moody. Have a good evening.
  4. Moody what time do you guys close on saturday?
  5. I have modded shogun 2. I've been having intense battles of very hard
  6. let me know moody Thanks we are both huge mk fans. Still playing shogun 2?
  7. Collected what? if you mean the game no. My friend is. But he got an e-mail about the game you getting it tomorrow. Will he receive it tomorrow or must he pick it up if he wants to play it this weekend.
  8. Are you collecting this T?
  9. Thank goodness. My friend paid for it.

    Been playing mk since 93. I was 4
  10. We should have enough for our paid for pre-orders but I doubt if there will be many left over.
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