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  1. Ok radness! Just keen to check it out

    Eish, getting capped sucks...

    So hoping i get a BETA!!!!
  2. Why Email? Its here on MyGaming

    Capped at work so no email.

    Any particular reason ur looking for it?

    BTW Halo Reach Beta coming soon, did u see Halo Reach thread in Xbox, PS3 and Wii Forum?
  3. email me a link to your blog at [email protected]!!
  4. Hey dude, its been a while. How goes?

    Check out my blog sometime, i think there might be a few gaming related pieces ud enjoy.
  5. Granted Google is Awesome, i have the HTC Dream aka the Google phone. (You could call me a google fanboi) but i have just never been able to like Gmail. Maybe its all those years of hotmail.
  6. ROfl! google is awesome!
  7. How do you live with Gmail? Will add when i have a min.
  8. On gmail chat: [email protected]

    Also, add me on Facebook: Grant Hinds
  9. You on MSN Brother? PM me ur addy sometimes.
  10. Of course! Am extremely excited about it!!!
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