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  1. I'll read anything man, hell I even read the back of my shampoo bottles If I see text somewhere, I read it. I've never proofread a novel before, but I'd be willing to give it a shot.
  2. Ummm... well 14 chapters... but dont yet know how long the chapters are going to be. Hope you like Soft Science Fiction.
  3. LOL, I'll do it man, depending on how long it is ...
  4. Intresting... maybe ill get you to proof read my novel when its done
  5. A Language Practitioner is kinda like a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to language. I mainly do proofreading, translation and editing, but Language Practitioners can also be journalists, radio DJ's, TV News presenters, copywriters, etc.
  6. Lol. The review was very last minute. I found out on monday they needed it as had basically just bought the game. On Friday night sat up till 2:30 typing it out and submitted it. With the last minute rush a few errors slipped in, i noticed them while re-reading the piece for the upteenth time but by then it was too late as it had already been solidified into its PDF form.

    Glad the review was good. I knew your heavy into PRGs which is why I asked ur opinion.

    A Language Practitioner? What exactly is that?
  7. Hey dude. I just finished reading your New Vegas review. Pretty damn awesome! I couldn't agree with you more, I feel exactly the same about the game. I just wish they would hurry up with the new patch and the DLC.

    PS: I did find a few typo's and such in the review, but that is something I can't help noticing due to being a Language Practitioner . If you write any more reviews/articles I'd be more than happy to proofread them for you.
  8. Hey man, I'll check it out as soon as my stupid internet is working properly again. There was like a huge hailstorm today and my internet was down for hours. It just came back on, but it is EXTREMELY slow.
  9. Hey Dude. Dunno if you checked out issue 2 of the gamer yet, there is a Fallout Vegas review in there, written by yours truly, and id like the get ur feedback on it.
  10. Awesome dude! Enjoy it Hardcore mode is a blast, really adds to the whole survival aspect of the game. I finished my hardcore playthrough and the second time around I chose not to go hardcore and I'm still gathering food and water that I don't even need anymore.
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