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  1. hahaha! then go for it! that junk looks pretty awesome. I'll take the voodoo amulet if you're not going to use it
  2. But I like the junk
    I just bought a new shelf to PUT junk on.
  3. well, of course the humble bundle would have been ideal. R300 is a lot of money to drop on a game you might not even like. but those are some nice extras. otherwise just get the normal game, save a 100 bucks and if it turns out you don't like the game you're not stuck with all the junk
  4. So buy or no buy?
  5. the game really surprised me, I couldn't stop playing for an entire weekend. once you get into it it's quite a fun game
  6. Dude - you've played Risen 2 - this worth it?,10991135
  7. HAHAHA! ok I'll give him a call later again
  8. No ! You have to do it for me :P
  9. awe! I couldn't get hold of him last time but his brother says it shouldn't be a problem. You can try and give him a call if you want, Jullian - 0828847697
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