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  1. Yeah man, FF15's graphics look sexy as fuck! I seriously cannot wait for it to drop already

    Dude, you need to finish the 14 trilogy man!! I know most fans don't smaak 'em but they were great! There might have even been an easter egg of sorts in the FF15 trailer regarding FF13-3 (Connected Universe maybe?). Lightning Return's timer was bullshit was seriously hurt the game but if you can push through then it's finally great to finish the 13 trilogy.
  2. DUDE!!!

    Funny story... I checked out @GlacieredPyro on Twitch last night... And guess what he just so happened to be streaming when i Logged on...

    If you guessed Final Fantasy 8 then YES!!!! I was seriously surprised to see anyone streaming FF8 but pleasantly so... Watched him get Ifrit GF then had to log off...

    But the reason for me mentioning this is that he pointed me to the new FF15 trailer from TGS and EEEERMAGEEERD!!!!! IT looks so fucking amazing!!!! The combat style looks a lot more "free flowing" which i thought was pretty interesting... but shit... those graphics...

    My Final Fantasy 13 and 13-2 have taken a hard back seat since the arrival of the PS4 in my lounge :-0
  3. Sup man! You good bro?

    So did you check out all the EPIC FF15 news from Tokyo Game Show? Urrmurrgurrditlooksawesome!

    I was not expecting the announcement of a demo so soon though, so FF Type-0 and FF15's demo in one package? Yes please !
  4. Haha, if you post it on my visitor's wall it's be on my main page

    I did jam it on PC for a while but I mainly jam it on PS4. Myself and a mate get into a party chat when we party up to jam FF14 and it's really awesome .

    The thing to remember about FF14 is that while it's a FF game it has it's own identity as well. It uses a lot of the same enemy types (And a shitload of new ones) and some of the same terminology (Ruin, Blizzga etc...) but that's where it ends. There are FF themed Fates that we get sometimes like the few that ran to promote Lightning Returns so we go Lightning and Snow themed gear (Was seriously legit).

    It's a lot like wow with the targeting and the roles (Healer, tank and dps). It has dungeons that you run and raids for end-game but all FF themed with major fights from previous games. Ultimate Weapon from FF7 is a KICK ASS boss

    I can't wait for FF15 themed waited for FF14

    But yeah, can't wait for FF15 news!
  5. Hey Duke!

    All good my side bud, you?

    I hope this "convo" pops up for you somewhere, not really sure how this works but anyway...

    You playing FF14 on PC? Im so keen to get into a Final Fantasy game... FF 13 was really a slog to get through... on 13-2 now...
    Iv never played a FF online before, is it like WOW?
    The monthly cost doesn't seem to steep, if you consider the time spent...

    Im patiently anticipating some FF XV news from E3...
  6. Hey Tom, you good bro?

    I didn't want to reply to your question in the E3 for sake of derailing it, so I thought I'd pop your wall's virginity .

    I HIGHLY recommend you get FF14 bro. I have been playing it since launch and I still haven't finished the main story (The added story from the patches) and I still have so many jobs to level and crafting to do !
    I took a two month break when I bought a PS4 and it was only PS4 (New toyzzz!! ) but when I subbed again two months ago I felt like I was home .

    I know the monthly sub is off-putting to most (R190 - It used to be R145 but with the Rand continuing to tank it's risen), but if you compare it's value to a 20hr (On average) game at R900 that lasts a few weeks, a month at most then it's soooo worth it.

    The next game I want is Evil Within and FF14 is more that capable of providing with excellent gaming until it's release and beyond .
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