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  1. No worries...thanks for the add! =)
  2. Thanks for accepting the friend request on XBox Live
  3. Just my guess though!
  4. Ah okay. Silly limits. Thanks, I'll see if I can get Tincan to let me have two.
  5. Hey hey. I didn't do anything special at the time that I can remember. Maybe I did it before a limit was imposed.
  6. Hi Lydon. How were you able to include both the mygamercard and xfire images and links to your signature? I'm trying to do the same but aren't able to.
  7. Fear not, My Gaming has not been forgotten
  8. Well that's good. At long as you come and visit now and then.
  9. Hehe, I've actually had a life for the past few weeks.

    This is unusual to me =O
  10. Whew you are scarce these days. Come now, no more of that.
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