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  1. look carefully between the 2 chicks
  2. lol yeah i saw, just in time for my bday too lol. i nailed the numbers...maybe i should play lotto with them lol
  3. U won the comp. co check.
  4. Oh lol. yeah Im alive. Just busy at work.
  5. Was bored and havent spoken to you in like ages. Basically wanted to make sure your still alive
  6. /pokes the goddess back

    what was that for?
  7. /Pokes Omega
  8. lol dit heti gese na wie sn jy kyk net net dat jy iemand se convo view...

    Kliek op Forum en dan kliek jy op die "number" people currently online - so iets
  9. Lol Ok. Kan nie onthou dat ek een van jou conv geview het nie. Well Grant, Grim en Tintin sin.... Oh well.

    Hoe kom mens of daardie WHo is doing what page?
  10. Hahahahahahaha, toe ek netnou op die "Whose doing what bladsy was het jou status gewys - "Viewing conversation"" ....
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