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  1. Spelling fail

    I meant isn't just any female...

    /makes note to type slower next time
  2. Ponders: Just any female...
  3. /informs Tsar that Dixie isn't just any female
  4. /pees on Dixies wall in an attempt to coax her out of hiding
  5. /walks through Visitor's wall on the way to TK dragging mud

  6. /spots Lurker
  7. /removes Chastity Belt from Undercarriage... perhaps this will stop teh humping
  8. /realigns undercarriage
  9. /ponders how Dixie relates herself to teh kitteh in mah album
  10. /strolls into Dixies wall

    /slips on puddle


    *cleans up dixies wall all shiny*
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