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  1. Haha thanks Wenz! I got good friends on this site
  2. Dude, you won!!! go claim your prize and slap Syco for not telling you if he hasnt told you already
  3. Cool will let you know!
  4. Cool let me know, cause we can only book tables in either 6 or 12 ppl per table
  5. Hey Wenz, sounds good! Let me see if I can organize a baby sitter!
  6. Hey Daddy Grim are you going to the German beerfest on 13/10/12? we have booked a table do you and the wife want to join? Syco and them are going to join us there as well
  7. lol yeah! I have faith in the system again
  8. lol, my pleasure, looks like your drought on the no winning front has ended
  9. Thanks for letting me know Wenz!

  10. Congrats Daddy Grim! you won the ME3 comp
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