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  1. Hey Azi. So, the NAG Forum is down, again, and I wanted to link you to my (first actual) opinion column like I promised I would. So, I guess here's as good a place as any (hoping you visit this forum from now till NAG is back up anyway)? Enjoy.
  2. See? See!

    PS I've read the Da Vinci Code. >_>
  3. Azi, I just realised the most amazing irony to your opinion article this week about JRPG's! So this week I got a gift from a friend, a book, specifically The Da Vinci Code. This friend "just happens to be" a huge JRPG fan. True story. :P

    EDIT: Excuse the unintended ambiguity in the sentences. It's late at night and I clearly need sleep.
  4. ^_____^ Yeah, Nic added the "Columns" sub-section recently. I'm not the only person published in there, though. Check out the other guys too - some good stuff there.
  5. I just went looking for your articles, having just been capped and not been on the site since the month started, and I wondered what was up until I stumbled upon the "Column" section of the site.. You've (practically) got your own section of the site now (even though it can't be accessed directly from inside the forum, because of lazy programming)... ^_^
    Epic articles as always..
  6. True.. Thankfully they have a proportion of fans to sort of even it out... If they're lucky.. Or good.. Or both..
  7. Nobody is without their critics. One could write the most superb, divine epistle in the history of the universe, and someone is still going to say 'its shit lol stfu'. That's just how stuff is.
  8. Lol.. I get that alot..
    I AM enjoying the articles, yes.. And of course the user comments are the usual lulz in a basket.. EttieneK's (aka Omega Jesus.. LOL) comment and your riposte had me in stitches.. I feel bad for the amount of crap people give you sometimes, but then I guess it comes with the territory of the "opinion" column...
    You have a pretty cool writing style, I would say.. It's that satire... Too many people are too serious in their text..
  9. Heh, you're a strange one, CaViE. Hope you're enjoying the articles.
  10. No purple tentacle avatar!? *gasp*
    Lol.. Hi Azi..
    I joined this site with the intention of somehow subscribing to your articles here, perhaps by email or something... But alas, not possible.. Still, the site gained a user who interacts.. They kinda owe you, methinks... :P
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