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  1. Could have sworn u had an xbox.
  2. I haven;t played on the PS3 much yet...Don;t really have anything to play yet. lol. Will add u once I get going And no, I don't own a XBox
  3. Also Why havent u added me on PSN? /Glares
  4. I have forgotten. Dont u Have a 360 now as well?
  5. Lol. Are u serious?? I won it here on MyG, remember??
  6. Since when have u got a PS3?
  7. Lol sounds like ur better off than me, no HD tv so everything is fugly! Going to take a few months till I can get a really good Samasung Smart TV. Glad ur enjoying it, Send me a friend invite on PSN if you can. Ill be online again from tonight.
  8. Hey It's awesome! Bought LBP 2nd hand from BT and got my HDMI cable, so it's all set up! Now I just need to wait till the end of the moth to get another controller.. hehe. Hopefully my Lord of the Rings Blu-Rays will arrive soon!
  9. Sup Sister! Hows the ps3 treating you?
  10. If your bored im on FB
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