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  1. Haha, yeah it's been ages...

    Played any good games lately?

    How far did you get with Dark Souls mate?
  2. I was hey...

    How are you doing bud? Behaving yourself I hope ?
  3. Wow dude! You've been MIA for a very long time! Good to see you back.
  4. Howzit dude!!

    Hope you have been behaving yourself ?
  5. Yeah man, last night I was thinking that a mic will probably be a good idea. I will look at getting one next week maybe. I'll try to be on tonight, if I can pull myself away from Dark Souls...
  6. It was good fun! You saved my ass a couple of times !!
    Wanna jam tonight again?

  7. Hey dude!

    Man I had fun last night in UC3 MP. I never really got into UC2's MP side so this is quite a fresh experience for me. I actually can't wait to give it another go, it's a blast!
  8. Yeah, no voice chat and you can't just invite friends will nilly ...
    It's a crap system but that's what they wanted to do...
  9. Ah the babalas syndrome. Nice!

    Yeah I definite wan't to coop the game, but it seems there are some restrictions on it, so it might not be as "coopable" as say borderlands (which I'm also busy downloading ).
  10. I had a fucking shitty day yesterday so I am suffering from one massive hangover today lol! So I'm feeling sick and sore !

    I was but I was only going to get it for co-op but then stuff happened so now co-op partner, lol...
    Are you wanting to co-op?
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