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  1. Haha indeed!
  2. Yeah I played Europe too, barely noticed any lag tbh, just a lot of foreign sounding voices that I needed to mute.
  3. Cool was just wondering which zone you used, considering there is no African one. Ended up playing on the Europe zone without any issues.
  4. I used to play KZ3 MP when it first came out, but haven't actually played it in ages.
  5. Dude do you ever play Killzone MP?
  6. Combat is miles better, it really makes the old system seem dated tbh.
  7. It does Combat is also apparently better ?
  8. Well some people think that Civ IV is better, but so far I like it much more than Civ IV. It's very streamlined, so the menus and stuff are a lot easier to navigate. It's also a whole lot prettier than Civ IV. What I like most is that unit stacking was removed, which is something that irritated me in Civ IV.

    Hope that helps .
  9. Hey dude, didn't want to derail Steam Specials thread with this, but is CiV5 a hell of an improvement over IV? Thinking of picking up a retail copy this afternoon.
  10. Ag great - now I'm behind again.
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