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  1. I am old! (joking) I shall be 27 in november, it somewhat gets harder as you go along (or it could just be me). I definately know you have different priorities when you are older so you look at relationships and dating differently too.
    I am also waiting for the right person! I just can't seem to see it on the horizon yet, although sometimes life works in mysterious ways. She may come into your life today, tomorrow or whenever!
  2. hahah dude I am no good with girls. How old are you if I may ask?
    And I already have dual citizenship After all I am joining the royal marines
    Just don't worry I get bloody lonely but they say once you meet the right chick no other chick in your life matters.
  3. Hey, thanks man. I always seem to take those type of things hard because I put so much hope into it all, and you kind of expect it to go well and not have your heart broken. Oh well! I guess it's time to move along.
    Marry her! Dual citizenship ftw!
  4. Hey bro don't let woman get you down. You will meet the right one I am hoping I meet the right one in another country
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