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  1. Bah. You can usually buy at the door anyways. But I'll see, I might not be in the country by Feb. We'll see I guess. Either way it'll be fucking AWESOme so good on you for going.
  2. You should. It is only happening in feb. Tickets are nearly all gone
  3. Not sure right now hey. I'd fucking love to, but just can't say for certain yet.
  4. So dude are you going to see rammstein?
  5. Yes I have my tickets already
  6. Holy shit, Rammstein is coming?
  7. Dude are you getting tickets for rammstien?
  8. Of course man. Maybe have a jam
  9. I have grandparents in like...Ireland. And one in Austria. Definitely not 13th :P
    We gotta meet up some time dude. I'm going to East London this week, but maybe next weekend or something.
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