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  1. Ok I guess. Still in the band. My progress is getting very good. My timing is getting better(you only notice your timing sucls when playing in a band) Still I am getting the need to have a girlfriend and it is getting bad
  2. Pretty good hey, making steady progress. Stalled for a while but back at it now. Fuck, I haven't been around much lately, been lurking too much. How's your life treating you?
  3. So hows the guitar playing?
  4. I been good won the xbox 360 My band is going sweet and what not.
  5. Haha, had a broken pc up until recently so haven't been around much. So...sup?
  6. So shammy don't we great a fellow orange grover
  7. Bad company 2 =win
  8. I have it sorted out. they going to keep my a copy. Are you going to play it?
  9. Hey dude, never tried ordering from them so couldn't really tell you...
  10. Hey shamrock. How is things your side of the grove. Have you pre-ordered from btgames before as I pre-ordered bad company 2. I can only pick it up on sat will they keep my copy till saturday as it comes out on friday this week.
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