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  1. Thanx br0
  2. happy birthday toby1. have a fantastic day.

    ps thanx for the wishes
  3. Happy Birthday
  4. woohooo mw2 tonight!!
  5. yeah me to.. working mad. haven't turned on my ps3 for 3 weeks
    Gonna give my self some time off in a couple weeks time. hopefully i'll be able to get in some mw2 next week.
  6. True dat Mr. Toby. Once MW2s out gonna post everthing related here. Maybe then well have a PS3 --> MW2 section.
    Bit scarce me at the moment cause my works keeping me busy but I think I'll have some time next week or the week after.
  7. people will always follow the cool peps! thats y i'm here the rest will follow
  8. The thing is most of these guys are either PC or XBOX boys but the compitition brought a few PS3 blokes like me around. Once we have the numbers we will rule the world. whahahaha
    surely you can still go visit ps3za for your dose of pain. this site is still in development so gonna have to figure out how to get the ps3 boys over here. problem is we did such a good job getting the boys to the other site
  9. yeah they need a ps3 section.. then game section. but may be that was the problem with ps3za.. it was to focused and that causes trouble.

    i'm gonna miss out on the smaaaaak talk
  10. I wonder if more peps will come over here?
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