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  1. I'm not sure I have borderlands any more, I will have to check.
  2. Dude have you got Borderlands?
  3. Reminding you about tonight's MP. See you online.
  4. Cool I've emptied it now. I'll drop you guyz another PM during the day to set a new date. Also I dunno if you use raptr but add me on it, same alias. You can also add me on FB, just search OmegaFenix, as I have both Spooner & Murph on FB it might be easier to arrange it that way.
  5. Damn only got your message this morning. I will be keen for next time. 9pm might be a little early, but I will see if I can convince my GF to watch some series on the PC instead. (Was a little confused when i read the message last night on xbox live).

    By the way cant send private message to you, it says you have reached your inbox qouta or something along those lines.
  6. Did you get mah PM?
  7. Sweet ... I will add .... but currently my xbox isn't online .... but that should hopefully be changing soon.
  8. Hey Dude. I play Halo against Yanks and Uk ppl, minimal lag and i only have a 512kb line. Add me on live and we can jam some, been itching for a local player to join with.
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