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  1. I am amped. Scary at the same time. I know I will see action. Just a pity I will miss out on bf 4
  2. I didnt! Congrats bru!
  3. Hey dude, long time mate. So I am sure you heard I am joining the royal marine commandos very soon.
  4. Happy bday my man. Hope you have an awesome day
  5. Hey og are you ok? You seem a little down today?
  6. nice one
  7. og look at the comic I made in the bf 3 thread
  8. Dude tonight I was accused of being a teleport hacker :P But I don't understand how the come up with that? I killed him twice in the same stairway :-/ He raged quite when I said Just bec I am better than you
  9. LEt me know man
  10. If i get bored of the multiplayer Tsar, probably Saturday tbh oh and i saw your msg on origin just got back to my pc quite late :|
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