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  1. hey Man

    thanks for the advice, im weary of xfire for many reasons too, 7950 would be an epic card, when will they hit here? how much can i expect to pay from places like Rectron, Pinnacle, Esquire for a 7950?
  2. Hey bud

    OK well 1st off the 6870 prices won't drop...or not for at least another year or so.
    Even with the new card launching you'll still see how suppliers and resellers punt the same prices, main reason for this, the new cards are quite pricey so they reckon they'll still sell some of the older cards at current prices. I have run many crossfire setups and I am in the process of getting a 2nd 7970 to cf right now, the main issue is always issues with games that have compatibility issues ect.

    Honestly I would say sell you're 6870, save up a bit of cash and try get yourself a 7950. They are beastly cards, been reading reviews when I get a chance.

    As for kepler...No one knows, there is just way to much secrecy involved with it, so I can't give you an answer. Honestly I doubt they'll be able to keep up with the 7xxx amd cards, but no one knows. As for release on them, apparently the mid range cards will launch april this year.
  3. Sup Joker.....

    Listen man, need some advice, im thinking running xfire on the 6870, i already have one (we spoke about it before), however now with the release of the 7000 series, im thinking i need to hold off and possibly wait for either the 6870 price to drop off (i also wanted to know when you think the price would drop and how much it drop off, i can buy cost price, currently the 6870 hasn't really dropped too much) The other option is go for the 6900 series of 7800/7900 series depending on their price drop off. I know i probably wont go for Nvidia's Kepler range....your thoughts?
  4. Always welcome.
  5. Thanks again

    went and did the math and yep its pretty much that much

    But i'll do it in increments...first a modular PSU (always wanted one) then the case an then the PSU...over a space of 3 months
  6. Well if you can buy from Esquire then I'd say, Psu is gonna be around R700, A case to fit both gpu's I would recommend Aerocool Xpredator that's around R1000, Gpu is gonna be around R2000. So I would so you're looking at around R3700 give or take a bit.
  7. Hey dude thanks!

    i still have two slots available on the mobo so i could throw in another 2GB sticks, it supports 16GB i think to 8GB i total would be nice...

    I buy direct from disto's so its obviously alot cheaper

    I'd need to buy a new case too, theres no way two HD6870's will fit, the one 6870 forced me to move the HD to another Bay

    So i'd need

    a new PSU, New Chasis and then the card....if we looking at an estimated cost what would you say i'd is a safe amount of cash to budget for?
  8. Nice little upgrade that.

    Yip only thing I would change there is maybe add 4GB more ram, and yes you will notice the difference when playing BF3 between 4 and 8GB ram. Then PSU has to go upto at least a 700w. Then you should be set. Just don't buy from anywhere xD Some places seriously rip people off.

    Let me know if you need anything else.
  9. Ye i just upgraded now
    MOBO: Asus m4a87td evo
    CPU: Phenom II X6 1055T
    RAM: Corsair Dominator 4GB
    PSU: Superchannel 535W (will need to upgrade this)
    GPU: MSI HS6870

    So judging from that a second 6870 would be a good idea? obvious i'd need a 750 watt Xfire certified PSU
  10. Hey dude

    It really depends on what motherboard you're running.
    From what I've seen there will be about a 5% drop in performance on the second card, meaning you're scaling will drop from lets say 180& to 175%, so not really a huge difference mate.

    Is it worth investing in a 2nd 6870..Hell yeah. They are awesome cards in crossfire.
    If you really are worried about that 5% then you might wanna consider going for a single card setup, just know that you're gonna spend serious $$ to get close 2 6870's in CF. If it was my money, I would go for the 2nd card, and maybe later upgrade the mobo
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