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  1. South Africans will catch up with the rest of the world,they just need a little time
  2. Yeah LoL is pretty awesome. Only sad part is that Dota 2 will probably end up getting more sponsorship money next year than LoL will. Im starting the NGL again and ive got to make the choice which between the 2 well focus on. I really love LoL but its so hard to get support from SA companies.
  3. Right now just playing some bf4 for fun,was asked to play competitively but declined,Battlefield gets boring fast if you have to stick to 1 gun and 1 class.

    Prob gonna play Lol next year again,I mean we won alienware auroras at rage,so what if next years prizes are even better?
    Plus its a game I actually enjoy playing,I would rarely get angry even if I am doing super bad,Im just chilled haha
  4. Yeah life does indeed go on. I might do something for NAG next year but thats still up in the air. I just decided i wasnt enjoying gaming anymore and it felt more and more like a chore. That and i cannot handle the raging anymore. I myself was quite a horrible rager and if i cant handle that shit its time to take a break.

    Now im happy when playing something like LoL. Playing a lot of top lane and just enjoying it. Dont really care if i win or lose.

    Are you going to play something competitively next year?
  5. Damn that sucks,but I suppose life comes first right
  6. Nah ill probably never play anything competitively again. My time is so limited these days i can only play like 3 or 4 hours a week.
  7. It brings back memories.
    I finally fixed my bf4 after so many weeks of constant crashing so I'm happy happy.
    You gonna play bf4 competitively?
  8. Lol dude. Can you remember this from Bad Company 2 days?
  9. dude I have seen u play while playing with my other soldier

    U kill me so many times u bastid xD
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