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  1. Yep,support may become OP.

    Want to play a game later today to test things out?

    I'm thinking of taking these masteries for Riven:

    So glad they didn't touch her in the patch because of all the whining about her on the forums.
  2. Ye,major support buffs inc
  3. Did you see the new items being released in Lol.

    Some pretty damn nice support items.
  4. Dankie.

  5. New mouse is waiting at home
  6. Thats what you can expect from Telscum.they are still messing with the lines.

  7. Yes,i am planning on playing it.already reserved my name about a month ago.

    Its only in the second half of 2012,but I still ponder if u are gonna play it with your super pc and all
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