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  1. I am always around I am the TSAR! :P
  2. Hey yoo! What are you doing in there
  3. Teaching myself to code and use photoshop so I can create websites and that sort of thing for a job
  4. Yes guitsar!

    Whats up man?
  5. Hello fool
  6. Lekker man, just been lank busy.

    I see you still doing your reviews, great stuff. Hows the band coming along?

    Anyway, I bout the STALKER package on Steam the other day when it was on special, read your review again that you wrote a while back.
  7. I am good my good man

    And you?
  8. Hey man, howsit been going?
  9. It is going fine hey
  10. Lollers, hows that band of yours?
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