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  1. I tried Bleach hey while it was good I just couldn't follow the story that well, LOL I was getting mixed up all the time!

    Do you know where I might be able to buy the first season of Bleach?
  2. everything dude
    you should give it a try
    dbz started me off on cartoons.. then i started watching it in japanese and then linked to anime
    bleach is a good beginner show.. death note too
    naruto as well

    what i cant miss.. nothing really lol. i have a few shows i follow and missing an episode doesnt phase me since i also read manga which anime is based of
  3. Eish, I've never been one for Anime. I watched DBZ but that's all.
    Me I like my Cartoon Network stuff !

    So what is you favourite show? The one you can't miss?
  4. everything dude.. need to make a list lol
    i try every new anime atleast once and i watch shounen anime continously like one piece, naruto, bleach
    also watch a few tv shows
  5. I see, so you've been around for a while!

    What anime do you watch? Besides Dragon Ball Z .
  6. in late 2009 hey. i mostly comment in the anime thread hey besides that pretty quiet here
  7. Howzit my super saiyan friend,

    How you? I'm just wondering when you joined MyG? I never saw you in my early days on the forum...
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