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  1. Hey dude, no probs .
    Yeah, still in JHB .

    It's actually quite funny how it all happened, but it kinda fell into my lap. I'll send you a PM .

    What music you been listening to lately?
    I just ordered Wintersun's new album Time I, one it's way !
  2. Woah! Shit dude I totally forgot to respond!
    So you're still up in Joburg hey... what's the new business all about?
  3. Murphster!

    Howzit bud, long time! Sorry for no response dude, Tapatalk doesn't allow me to view my wall...
    Finally got a 2nd 8ta account to just use for random surfing now !

    Life's been going good dude, I decided to stay in JHB for the time being hey. Lawsuit all finished and starting my own businness which has been very exciting. So kak busy!

    How are you dude?
  4. Hows life duder?
  5. It's gonna be sweet having both CE's !

    But aweome dude, I hope you manage to get it!!
  6. Kak one dude.
    I'll have to see how the finances work out, but aiming for the Dark Edition! I have a credit on Takealot
  7. Dude, I've been off of work for three weeks due to be sick, and I was literally bed bound for two of those weeks with a kak fever and shit. My mother had to even stay come over and stay with me I was so bad at one stage... So I'm back at work tomorrow for the first day in close on a month now, looking forward to it and not !

    Cool dude! Standard or Dark Edition?

    Can't wait to play The Witcher on Xbox! Achievements !!
  8. Hey dude, not too bad. Back at work after two seeks off so FML and all that
    Yeah I've already preordered Witcher 2 for Xbox
  9. Murphster!

    How are you bud?

    Quick question, you getting The Witcher 2 on Xbox?
  10. You should check out the rest of that album - it's so awesome.
    Will give that track a listen when I get home.
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