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  1. Lol, I didn't literally mean "curse you" It was a joke for making me jealous
    As to Amazon, I did try once but I found the quality to be very poor. Dunno why that was but mabye you'll have better luck. The Brotherhood score is excellent! I got the Codex Edition so I got the score with it and I must say that it is awesome. You won't be disappointed
  2. Uh......sorry?

    BTW have you tried MP3 downloading on Amazon? Going to try get the Brotherhood score off there over the weekend.
  3. Well now I'm sooo jealous! Here I have to wait for my pal to get back from England and then he might not be able to get it because the store said they would look for stock and get back to me and they haven't

    Curse you Murph for bringing this up!!!!
  4. Hahaha yeah dude I'm terrible with names in that game, they all sound the same

    The music falls under film scores and game scores (or contemporary classical if you want to get technical) and I've been collecting them for years. The thing with Itunes is debatable though, it is apparently not available but myself and some people I know can use it - although I can only do it from my work internet for some reason.. If you can track down Killzone 2's score that is totally epic.
    I used to get them from Soulseek - but stopped because as a composer (in hobby at least) I felt it was hella bad karma so I stopped
  5. LOL, we were REALLY at completely different parts of the game
    That was the part after the I told you about (After meeting Machiavelli) then you had to rescue Caterina Sforza (That woman ) from the Castel Sant'angelo. Anyway glad to see you're on your way

    As to the UC2 soundtrack. I absolutely LOVE that kind of music. I dunno what genre it is but I call it Saga music. I try and get most soundtracks like that like the LoTR, Gladiator, Robin Hood, Prince if Persia soundtracks... They are epic! How did you get it off iTunes? I tried buying it off there but apparently the music store is not available in SA.
  6. Last thing I did was release that woman from prison and have an epic EPIC fight in the street (awesome mission that). So at least I'm moving forward now.
    Re the UC2 soundtrack, I have it on itunes along with a few others, was suprised to see someone else who likes that kind of thing.
  7. I see, I know where that is. That is before the sequence I was telling you about! Hope I didn't spoil it!
    As to the UC2 CD, I managed to find it overseas but nowhere local
    I can either get it from Amazon or from a CD store in the UK called HMV ( Now I have a pal going to the UK so I asked him to pick me up a copy while he is there. Its 8 pounds so its not a lot at all. Are you wanting one as well?
  8. Ok got further just now, spoke to the architect and then the memory sequence ended
    Anyway I'm on my way again.

    BTW did you ever track down that Uncharted 2 soundtrack?
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