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  1. Cool man! Wyvern is having a meet in about three weeks at her place, you should come!
  2. Yup, I are . I'll be down in the next week or two hey !
  3. You coming to Cape Town? When?
  4. Murfy!

    I just wanted to say cheers bro! I am going to CPT for two months so I won't be online at all !
    I was wondering if you would like to stay in contact via e-mail?

    Been listening to more Ensiferum, LOVE this song !!
  6. At last !!

    How're you bud?

    I'm loving Ensiferum at the moment ! What did you think of Wintersun?
  7. Hey dude, checked the vids, finally.
    Big fan of Ensiferum
  8. Yo yo!! Just reminding you to watch them vids !
  9. Well you did call me Muphster
  10. Eish, I don't feel loved no mores !!

    Lol, no worries bud!
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