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  1. No I didn't Only got home from my beer prowling late last night and I forgot
  2. Muphster!

    Howzit bro, you good?

    Listen to dem tunes I sent you ?
  3. Eish !

    I reckon someone needs to buy one before we jam RE5, communication is extremely important in that game .
  4. That I DON'T have. I have one for Xbox though.
  5. I guess I should go and buy it then ...
    I'mma add you tonight !

    Do you have a mic?
  6. It is R300 already :P
    Yeah my gametag is the same.
  7. I played the demo, I wasn't terribly impressed hey...
    I'll probably pick it up when it's R300 anyway .

    You do?! Then why in the blazes are you not on my friends list ?!

    Your PSN ID the same as your gamertag?
  8. Whaaaaat
    Dude Hot Pursuit is so epic..the MP is insane!

    And yeah I do game alot on it, just not online all the time.
  9. Lol!! I don't think so hey ...

    The ONLY NFS game worth mentioning was Most Wanted, that game was perfection! I haven't bought a NFS game after Undercover, it's become a load of tripe to be honest...

    Do you game on your PS3 often?

    One more song YOU MUST listen to:
  10. I will do

    You not perhaps planning on getting Hot Pursuit at any time are you?
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