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  1. Thanks dude! Appreciated
  2. Happy B Day Man. Hope you have a chilled day.
  3. Haha =P Well I figure 1 thread is better than 2!
  4. Suggest Custom Title... Bump Master
  5. Hey. You have to enter in your credit card details. It will only bill you in 1 month's time. You can cancel it immediately after you enter said details. Otherwise you have to enter in an Aion time code.
  6. Hey Dude i need some clarity on the whole Aion Activation thing. I entered my serial code now its wants my credit card details. But i cant log into the game, what do i do now?
  7. Unfortunately not as of tonight. It's a maybe at the moment. Unforeseen fail circumstances have hit me. Shit has hit the fan in other words. But yeah, trying my best to make it :P
  8. Dude you still coming to the Meet on Saturday?
  9. No problem
  10. Thnx for reporting the spam.
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