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  1. Thanks!
  2. *poke*

    Where my rep bitch?
  3. No he is a hypocrite!
  4. Fivel? But he is such a good guy! He is passionate about things though and so are you so I can see the two of you clashing. I hope you guys were able to sort things out.
  5. Who? graal? what do you expect he is from nag forums Just ignore it. I got really angry at fivel the other day.
  6. Tsar. He is driving me nuts Tsar. He is one of the stupidest most trollish people I have ever come across on the internet.
  7. Soon I hope. We just waiting on my moms visa.
  8. It's entirely possible. I can't remember. Hey it's now about a month or so before you are going overseas! Is everything still going according to plan?
  9. Though I think I did wish you on the day
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