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  1. Ah not FolkMetalSoup or GlamMetalSoup? Wow there's just too many different subgenres of MetalSoup.

    How are you doing by the way? Life treating you well?
  2. The correct answer is HeavyMetalSoup.
  3. DeathMetalSoup or BlackMetalSoup or DoomMetalSoup etc. It just occurred to me. That is all.
  4. Dude! Are you okay? I'm very worried that you are so quiet.
  5. If you ever think of selling your XBone, please contact me first.
  6. Hi Eugene, I'm in need of your expert help:
  7. Don't worry about it, I really don't care that much about leveling up.
  8. Sorry, I don't know if you saw but we did the Diablo III level up thing wrong yesterday. You were supposed to create the game and I join. Then the monster levels scale towards your level. Sorry about that. I should have thought about that.
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