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  1. Posted some more screenies in Halo Reach Thread.
  2. Yeah [email protected]

    Lol Im more Omega than i am Ernst A Vordran.
  3. Eish... this sounds wierd but i hate these fake names on forums. Hence my name the main reason being that i get confused between people. Have I got your private mail? Sheesh bro, NEED Halo Reach BETA!!!! Juicy INDEED!!!
  4. All the juicy Halo Reach Details in one Thread.
  5. I live in Kuilsriver remember.....
  6. Haha! That' a little complicated! you in Cape Town anytime soon?
  7. Halo 3 ODST includes a invitation to the Halo Reach MP Beta. Closer to the 3rd of May There will be a download option in the DLC section of ODST. Easy as that. Im busy with a FFXIII review for MyG but after than i'll get back to my Halo 3 MP grinding so i can be in good shape for the BETA. Maybe once it starts i should record a few matches in Theater and i'll join you on GameState and we can chat about it. Hows that sound?
  8. Explain?????????????????
  9. If you have ODST you already have a Beta Key :P
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