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  1. lol thanx bud

    Was actually on Friday, now I am fucking old
  2. Oh damn, happy birthday man! Didn't even know. Hope you have an epic days buddy. May this year be full of games, laughs and pain free! <3
  3. Lekker, thanks my oupa! <3
  4. Still got a brand spanking new Steel series Apex sitting here
    Used it for a review and packed away lol Also using one and i love it <3
    As far as headsets go it all depends on budget mate.

    Ons sal venaand op TS chat.
  5. Before I forget again, I need to chat to you about getting some new hardware. My headset mic is fooked :/ And I need a new keyboard..Sigh..I love it when you need to buy all these things just when you think all your expenses are chilling the fuck out!
  6. It better be or Ima stab it in the fucking neck with a spoon till it bleeds
  7. Eish ne... Not the best bru. Next year will be better, don't worry
  8. lol Ja Dude this year has been ultra kak xD
  9. Ag eish dude.... Sterkte man. :<
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