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  1. yeah after that patch it fucked around with punkbuster and then my blops 2 started giving shit.
    I won't be able to play an anyway, my dad is in hospital so helping my mom out.
  2. That's strange... Hmm.
  3. lol Ja Ja

    I actually uninstalled the beta, was causing kak with blops II.
  4. w00t w00t! Kak storie
  5. Ja Ja ekt gehoor hoe rage jy in BF 4 :P lol
  6. Only in Dota though! :P That game can work me up like none other. Lol!
  7. lol you are far from a Asshole xD A raging bunny sometimes but not a asshole lol
  8. Haha, no dude, keep being that way- just now you become and asshole like me, THEN we're going to have a problem! :P xD
  9. lol I am way to nice though, think I should go remove all that and post "Go Google it you prat"
  10. You're such a nice guy. If it were me I would've probably given him the "let me google that for you" link. Haha.
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