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  1. Thanks dude

    Also is it possible to switch between 2 cards without having to plug one out,will both work if i plug them into separate monitors?
  2. Hey dude

    Yeah unfortunately the GTX580 and so on have very limited Vram.
    Highest you got was a 3GB version, Will see if I can find one for you.
  3. Hey Bud

    Sorry to bother you but i'm having trouble choosing a good Fermi card that has a good amount of VRam and can make use of Cuda.

    I'm doing allot of rendering lately but my current card with a Kepler chip seems to be rendering slower then my old card.The problem with Fermi cards seem to be that they lack VRam which is essential in rendering.

    Here are some results from various cards:

    Some of the results are fake unfortunately.

    And the Test:
  4. Not really,was having some weird performance issues in Planetside2 where i was getting 20fps.It seems to be a common problem now and just poor optimization on the developers part.
  5. Not really hard to bud can be expensive and a i7 2600K won't bottleneck a 680.
    Something wrong or weird?
  6. Hey bud,just wondering if it's hard to replace a CPU?

    I think my CPU is bottlenecking my GPU.

  7. Yeah doesn't make much sense to do that unless your stinking rich and have money to blow.
  8. Never mind,should have checked the price.20k for a computing card is hela expensive.
  9. Hey bud,just wondering if it's possible to run a card like the Tesla k20 with my 680?
  10. thanks mate.
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