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  1. Thanks You Chinese agent
  2. Added Thanks
  3. Hey powder how was your weekend?
  4. Awesome. You must finish it. I have completed Attila the huns missions. I am on el cid. Do the campaign in order. The later campaigns are hard.
  5. Haha thanks. Oh and epic news, you just inspired me to go find my Age of Empires Gold Edition and I have found it! So I know what I'm doing for the rest of the evening...
  6. I have the new need for speed which is pretty fun.
    Oh powder you are a dime in a dozen. Atleast you do not just buy bec it looks cool.
  7. Ya new games suck.... but I still want to get my hands on Red Dead Redemption, Gran Turismo 5 and another one... can't think of it now... Games are also way too short lately. I need my R600 to be well spent.
  8. I still have my age of empires 2 gold edition. I completed age of kings on moderate that was hard.
    Playing the expansion.

    New games are so meh lately.
  9. Dude!! I was just think about how badly I want to play Age of Empires 2... It's amazing but I lost my game disc... And my guitar is still in Grahamstown... Waiting for a friend of mine to bring it down with her.
  10. The new stuff sucks. But it seems lately all my time is going into my guitar and age of empires 2
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